Hakan Mandalinci is a contemporary artist living in Germany. The recognized artist repeatedly produces special wood prints and realistic etchings in small editions for collectors. Real NFTs are currently being made from strictly limited and produced prints – now presented also at OPENSEA.

The idea of ​​Mandalinci is that all NFT’s marked with “NFP” (Non-Fungible Paper) are linked to the respective original graphic. These are then sold with a certificate. So you get both – the original and the digital work of art. The original works of art are sent by post and serve the conventional art collection, as is customary at your home.

The print series CN 01001101 (letter M) by the artist Mandalinci deals with the idea of ​​paper money and consists of only five editions of 15 limited prints each, which are marked with H1 to H5. The techniques used here are colored wood prints and exclusive combination prints.

It is a big highlight for collectors who want exclusivity.



CN01001101_H1_TN_01 CN01001101_H1_TN_02 CN01001101_H1_TN_03
CN01001101_H1_NFP_04 CN01001101_H1_TN_05 CN01001101_H1_TN_06
CN01001101_H1_TN_07 CN01001101_H1_TN_08 CN01001101_H1_TN_09
CN01001101_H1_TN_10 CN01001101_H1_TN_11 CN01001101_H1_TN_12
CN01001101_H1_TN_13 CN01001101_H1_TN_14 CN01001101_H1_TN_15
Edition Momentum